IV Simulation Question

I am doing a simulation study on IV conversion circuits, looking at the effect of sharp edges in the current waveform on the precision of the output. As is well known, these sharp edges result in relatively large error voltages transients, which can exceed the linear range of the op-amp input stage, and so degrade the accuracy of the conversion.

Can somebody suggest a waveform or signal mix that will show this effect clearly?

I have an idea that I want to try, and need some way to check if it offers an end-user advantage, at least in the simulator.
I *think* you can take wav files into spice right? I think it also does export, meaning I suppose with some work you could listen to the result as well as do visual analysis? (though it will be IV'd again in your dac of course)

I guess any of that head banging rubbish they listen to on the "What are you lsitening to right now" thread on pfm will do ;)

I was doing something similar with IV trying to copy a certain popular Arcam player and compare it to a discrete alternative. In that case though it was distortion measurement of 1K through the circuit, a little simpler I think.