It's time to crawl off the stage for Cher

Rouge, powder and lipstick can't help this tarted up disaster -- so much for "chastity" -- "ain't got you babe"


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I'm a fan. All that working out shows more discipline than I've got. I thought "If I could turn back time" was a cute lyric Liked the movie "Tea with Musolini", along with the producers, and nobody else apparently, tapes went for $4 at Big Lots. Thanks for the low res picture, been trying to get one of bbcnews but everything is slide shows now. All those plastic surgery jokes are not true- I think I'm related to her. My knees are 60 years old, but not my skin. Great-Grandmother Roy said she was Cherokee, but I think she was probably Delaware- Cherokees didn't get that far north until they started riding the railroad.