It's raining Philips FR drivers around here: a pretty sweet one this time!

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Went to the thrift store on my lunch break and, as luck would have it, spot a paire of shodily built homemade cabs with what I can spy through the grille, 8 inch FR's. Grab my swiss army knife and unscrew the front baffle:





Sweet! Philips AD9710/M8! Ceramic magnet version, so I'm guessing mid 70ies? Also had a 3 inch AlNiCo paper cone tweeter in there: will make a good magnetic screw holder! Notice the inverted, conical dustcap on these, never seen that before. How do you think that will affect sound?

I'm pretty stoked with this find. Can't wait to measure the T/S parameters and see what can be done with these. I was gonna build something for my AD7060, but these guys will take priority! I'd expect a medium to high-ish Qts, from the magnet size, 0.5-0.6. Hope it's not too high to have more possibilities open.

Will post my results here when I measure them.

Any of you guys used this one with success?

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look here:
i saw measurements once in a german DIY magazine,
i would prefer a Sat Horn like my solutions.

Thanks. I did find a bunch of measurements for them on the web, bu I'll take some myself to be sure. A K8 could be a fun experiment for these. I've been wanting to hear what these sound like for a while.

Your Sat Horn looks like something pretty nice too. I had thought of a TL with such a "coaxial" driver/mouth arrangement, but was wondering about any possible comb-filtering effects.

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I measured the T/S parameters of my two Philips AD9710/M8 and here are the results:

Driver A:

Znom: 8 ohm
Re: 5.7 ohm
Fs: 48Hz
Qms: 3.06
Qes: 0.74
Qts: 0.596
Vas: 77 liters
BL: 5.4 N/A
SPL: 92.64dB/W/m
Sd: ~249

Driver B:

Znom: 8 ohm
Re: 5.7 ohm
Fs: 45Hz
Qms: 2.74
Qes: 0.55
Qts: 0.458
Vas: 93.9 liters
BL: 5.86 N/A
SPL: 93.95dB/W/m
Sd: ~249

I am somewhat concerned by the diverging parameters starting around Qms and onwards though, but of course there had to be something not perfect for once that I get some cool drivers. Of course I can average the two and design for this set of parameters; it just won't be 100% optimal for each of them. What do you think about this?

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