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Items I regret having to sell.

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Three years ago I began building a pair of Aleph 30 monoblocs to drive my wonderful bamboo-paneled PAWO speakers. However, the effects of a stroke I had in the early 90s have finally caught up with me, and the living situation I'm going into won't have the space for anything but a headphone system. So, I have for sale everything one would need to build balls-to-the wall Aleph 30 monoblocs except the wood panels needed to house the aluminum enclosures.

Included will be:

1) two assembled and partially wired (with silver and Legenburg hook up wire) Mini-A amp, amp satellite and modified PSU boards, with new matched Panasonic power caps (198,000 uF each channel) and new matched Mills wirewounds on the PSU boards. The amp boards have been populated with new matched Caddock resistors, new matched Silmic II caps, new matched semiconductors, new matched polypro and foil Panasonic bypass caps, and new premium (aviation) wirewound Bourns adjustment pots.

2) two new stepped Sieden volume switches assembled with Vishay surface mount resistors on the boards and NOS Shinkoh tantalum load resistors.

3) two new conductive copper-tape-shielded 300VA, 18V toroidal transformers with ground wires.

4) two of the fastest and highest rated IXYS rectifiers I could find.

5) two new 13 3/4" by 3 15/16" by 1 7/8" black painted heatsinks drilled and tapped for mounting on the bottom of the enclosures.

6) four (two sets) of 80mm Noisblocker Multiframe fans intended to be mounted on the bottom panel of the heatsink cavity.

7) four heavy aluminum channels intend to be used as spring-loaded clamps for the output devices.

8) one pair of little used, intact 1.5 meter Stereovox Firebird speaker cables and one pair of 1 meter Stereovox Firebird interconnects (with the RCA connectors on one end removed). These are intended to enter the enclosures via strain reliefs and be soldered directly to the Sieden switches and main amp board outputs.

9) two reinforced and highly customized "17" by "8" by "3 1/8" professionally bead blasted and silver anodized aluminum enclosures, mirror image drilled for all internal components, conductive copper tape shielded, strain reliefs installed, front panels professionally drilled for lighted rocker power switches (installed), volume control shaft bushings (installed), power-on fan LEDs and hex head attachment screws. Also included are bead blasted and silver anodized ventilated top panels ready to be mounted with hex head screws.

You'll need to acquire, cut and rout the wooden end panels and the heatsink cavity front and bottom panel. You'll also need to cut holes for the fans and fan mounting hardware n the bottom panel. Ypu might want to get a pro for this. I was.

Everything else you will need to finish the project will be included, including very high quality shielded Swedish power cable (I can't remember the brand, but its got a baby blue outer insulator) and power plugs. If you'd like I'll post pictures of the monoblocs with the major components mounted but not installed, and everything else layed out in no particular order.

The present iteration of me has probably forgotten something important. Just ask, and I'll compile a FAQ and post it for those interested to read.

I really don't remember how much money and time I've invested in this project. Because it's a one-off project I've had to start over at least two times and acquire alternate parts on several occasions. Probably 500 hours and as much as $1,000 USD. However, I need to be rid of it and I'll take the best offer for the "kit." If the kit doesn't sell by early in January I'll sell individual components, or pairs of components, as it were.

You pay shipping, and I'll ship insured USPS Priority Mail (trackable) to anywhere but Africa, Indonesia, or the Middle East. I don't want to hassle with returns, so all sales are final.

Merry Christmas and Maseltov. I'm a typical parochial American so I apologize to everyone for whom Merry Christmas and Maseltov are not appropriate and insulting (and to those Americans who know that in America it should be Merry Consumermas.)

Wish me well and farewell, as I'm not sure how long I can stand living with a brain that increasingly is my worst enemy.

I'm not up to speed on this so I had to find out...

from chabad.org:
Have you ever experienced a sense of spontaneous intuition, where out of the blue you suddenly feel at peace with yourself and the universe? Or a sudden flash of inspiration that makes you see life in a new light? Occasionally we may receive an extra flux of energy from our soul above. It can happen at any time, but is most common at a time of celebration-–a birth, birthday, bris, bar/bat mitzvah or wedding. It is especially at these times of joy that we are able to see beyond the mundane and the petty and sense the deeper truths of life.
When we tell someone Mazel Tov, we are giving them a blessing: May this drip of inspiration from your soul above not dissipate, but rather have a positive and lasting effect, that from this event onwards you should live your life with higher consciousness. You should be aware of the blessings in your life and be ready to receive more and more.
Thank You for the Blessing. May You be Blessed as well.
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Thank you, Ed.

I'm 63 and I've had a long and eventful life. Oddlly, after the initial shock of receiving a diagnosis (I didn't want to be maudlin, but it also included lifelong bi-polar disease, lifelong ADHD and a possibility of early stage Alzheimer's), I felt a great release of guilt for all of the amazingly bad decisions I've made, and now find my situation amusingly ironic. I was a social worker and a semi-pro athlete for most of my life, and I was fond of saying "Well, I won't retire rich, but at least I'll have my health."

I'm reminded of a line from a movie whose name escapes me - "No matter where you go, there you are." I'm happier now than I've ever been, and intend to make the most of whatever time is left. I'm moving back "home" to be close to my kids, grandchildren and ex-wives (did I mention amazingly bad decisions).

No worries, mate.


I'm not up to speed on this so I had to find out...

Thank You for the Blessing. May You be Blessed as well.
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