It lives!

After many months and $$, my BrianGT 3875 is alive and sounding great nude on my living room floor. I'll put up some pics when I get the chassis closed up. I have some issues to work on first. I'm getting 0mv offset out of one channel (probably a soft number, my meter may not be the best) and 97mv out of the other! I will go through the PS solder joints first. It may have a slight channel imbalance, but its probably the pot tracking. I can hear a faint FM station when the pot is either completely open or closed. When I move it a few degrees, it shuts off as if on a switch. Also, when I turn on a couple of lamps the trafo buzzes (you can only hear it nude and with your ear within a foot or so. Is this normal? It's dead quiet when nothing else is on. Finally, there is a decent amount of bleadthrough from input to input (when I have a source on and turn to another input, you can hear it faintly). Is this normal for the Grayhill switch (just switching +'s)? I'm not really bothered by any of these 'problems' except the offset.

It sounds far better than anything else I've heard in my system already. I know, I probably shouldn't be running it with this DC, but I was too excited and these aren't really expensive drivers.

Thanks everybody for all the help, especially BrianGT for the boards! I wouldn't even know about Gainclones, let alone have on running on my floor were it not for this board.