It is me

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Hello there!

At first - I know nothing!

All i can do is doing some listening and soldering parts in existing parts
where ever someone tells me to do! Limit is reached with cases for Amps to

I am addicted to reproduce music to please my ears. And there is a lot of it!
The music itself is the thing that counts for me still, not only the reproduction.
Most of my Ghotic music isn´t well recorded and i have to live with that.

Some small knowledge is there about building speakers since i decided to
get a small measuring-tool with Z and frequency 11 years ago when there still
was money left. So i have build many speakers over the time but only very
conservative pieces. I still like the sound of Technics ribbons you luckily
can get on ebay these days. Also i will never change my taste in Dome Midranges -
they sound special to me.

My first relation to DIY was when an resourceful engineer designed a DAc for me
with an imaging you couldn´t buy at this time, he is even on this board and has
nothing lost of his hifi-junckiness, i know. (the measuring-tool is from him also)
btw.: many people in here seem to need building parts all the time more than it
seems healthy for any relationship :)

Then i got deeper into this holy shi* and ended up characterizing the sounds of
cables, different times of day, sleepy or not and so on. I think i can characterize
most of my listening impressions meanwhile without being to euphoric like some
people that build something new that sounds better than everything and still be
able to top it with 100 mods after in a few days and 100 times improving... ;)

It gave me much fun to find problems with mp3 and i spend much time to find
samples and ideas to help the wunderfull people of the lame (mp3 encoder)

Luckily in my town i have the chance to be the small mouse in a lab that has the
whole Avantgarde pieces with all the superb equipment to force it. There i can
bring my own tryings and listen till the ears get tired.

After all i don´t think i will get much input here because i can´t. People here are
way over normal or healthy but i like to be a small part of it.

I like to drink beer and spanish wine so forgive me if some posts look like
bright red nonsense.

I could talk on...

So far

Another Kraut just came in

Hi Wombat!

I've also just registered a few days ago.
I also like to drink beer (german beer obvioiusly :D :drink: ), but don't have as much experience in speaker building as you.

Do you play any instrument?

I've been playing classical guitar for about 10 years, strumming on an electric for about 5 years, and actually I've started learning the piano.

greetings from the Black Forest!!!!

i am from the Kurpfalz. And bob4 i am unable to play any instrument.
My girlfriend tried to learn me some Djembe beats and lost nerves after half
an hour or so. At school i learned flute when i was around 10 years old. Nothing
is left of that.

Well about beer, it is friday! Seems like the next sip is just around the corner.

Hi Wombat,

I must admit that I was also forced to play flute at primary school :bawling: , and have forgotten it (you know, children have a big capacity in coping with traumata :D ).
Never mind, perhaps your girlfriend gives you a second try. ;)

btw, do you prefer Weizen or Pils?
Hello Bob4 and Wombat,

Being a fellow european I thought I should say hello and add that I also drink beer:)

Favourites being Ruddles, London pride and Old peculiar...

I've only been on this forum for a couple of months and should add that you'll meet some very friendly and knowledgable people here. Good luck with your future projects!

Very nice of you.

This is not the first thread here it is talked about beer.

The diyers must be a hard drinking cummunity :)

Damn, feel i comfortable!

I will go downtown now and have some drinks in mind of all the diyers out there!

Time to kill some Hefe Weizen. My favourite drink during Winter. I like
Kristall and Pils more during warmer periods.


I don´t know if this is still meant as introduction or a loudspeaker project!?

This is my actual design for my small kiving room.

Not perfectly finished, the crossover still needs work.



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pinkmouse said:
Welcome to the Dark Side... ;)

Hey pinkmouse, i thot the Dark Side were those using Windoz... i have a T-Shirt from Delta Tao (Eric's Ultimate Solitaire) that says so -- it must be true ;^)

And welcome to the zoo, Wombat :)

And not much beer for me. I like the taste, but have to crawl under a table after about 1/2 a bottle (or a whole bottle of US beer*).


*reminds me of the joke of the 4 Beer salesman in the bar after a convention. The Mexican, American, and Heinekin saleman all ordered one of their own brand and the Canadian beer salesman ordered a Coke saying "since you guys aren't drinking, i won't either". I have seen more than a few US students sideswiped by a couple bottles of Extra Old Stock :D

As i write this, i started another Havanna in the memory of a friend that left us
2 weeks ago at the age of 32. He was my partner for several years. He was the one
that builded many designs together with me and always was interested in listening.
Now that he has gone i may use this forum for getting some feedback.

Nice joke, but as i get older i mostly prefer even Coke Light also. You spend much
time in giving feedback - so educating people. Regards!!

Thanks again for your welcome!

Hi Wombat,

Nice to see that you reanimated this old mummy of a thread.

I enjoyed your post in the "what does your computer place look like"- thread very much! ("since I can't pay the bills no more...." )

Wombat said:
No parts changed to better since a while. I think it is done.

You mean you gave up? In that case we have something in common again (apart from being germans and loving Kristallweizen :D ).

I also had to give up a project. I wanted to build some scoop bass bins (german: Bassrutschen ) for PA use, but my buddy who should have done the more delicate woodwork (cutting some angles with a circular saw) will be moving away. He doesn't move very far away, but the prob is, that he'll have to help his father to renovate the place until Christmas. :bawling: :bawling:
Hi bob4,

nice you liked this thread.

The picture isn´t me , as you can imagine ;)

Also i didn´t gave up! It sounds damn good this way!!
The Supronyl dome is the best dome i ever used - perfect roll-off,
no resonances. With these 6db filters it behaves exactly like a 12db
filter up to the ribbon and down to the basses.
The monacor chassis itself isn´t usable ober 1000Hz and falls down in
preasure from there on, so the 1,5 mH fits also!! No prob here,
cause it is only meant to work up around there.
Monacor themselves payed an ape to paint the frequency plot of
this SPH 135C. It shows linear preasure up to 4000Hz - lol!

All is fine. I just started to go deeper with OP Amp testing therefore.
The speakers have a good resolution and now the first time i can hear
every OP behave totally different. I will have to start OP swapping in my
DAC again from the beginning.

The woodworking isn´t my most liked part also. Some wait for the nice mess
on christmas - others for circular saws :)

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