Is Zukerberg a replicant?

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The resemblance is uncanny!


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I'm telling you, getting rid of Facebook was the one of the greatest decisions of my life along with marrying my wife and quiting cigarettes. Still I find this thread amusing and on my watch list as well. I wish more people realized that their own life is more interesting than other people's. Think about that.
FB has allowed my college class to get together about 200 of the 1100 or so who are still alive. No political fights, i think the experiences of the late 60's and early 70's wearied all of us decades ago.

The town I grew up in outside CLE has a very active group -- over 1,000 now. Turns out that I worked with the cousin of one of the kids who grew up on our block. Two of my good friends were also her cousins -- (but recall this was the peak of the boomer era when returning GI's were repopulating the planet).

My wife's college class can't get a group together.
If there is a real concern about Facebook it's all the data mining that goes on.

Most people would be absolutely amazed if they knew how much facebook knows about them, their families and their activities.

We all know they follow us around the web using 3rd party cookies. Anywhere you see the FB icon, you know they've planted and harvested tracking data. But how many know they can also track you through 1 pixel images place in websites and ads. Yep click on the link with the pixel in it and they know exactly where and who you are as a result of the link request sent to facebook.

They also gather SMS, contact and location data from Android mobile phones, contact info from some IP desk phones and multiple other sources.

Then the final killer, they have "ghost profiles" on people who've never used Facebook, that can be activated when you join.

So how well do they know us?

Well enough to enable a reporter from England's Channel 4 to contact US voters about the Cambridge Analytica database and ask them questions about it.


Now that is some scary stuff...
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Thanks for these FB tracking tricks.
Simple ones, yet disgusting.
When you mouse over a picture with friends, a list of names pops where you can click to confirm a name. Unaware friends will identify you to Zukerberg.
WhatsApp, he now owns: You are asked to give access to your contacts, your files, your location.
When you don't, functionalities stay locked.
I cannot open documents sent by friends, I cannot call new friends, only those who have already called me. All is done to induce you to give access to everything about you.
BTW. I was locked out from FB because I was refusing to give them my identity. They tried everything on me for months, then gave up and had the gut to ask me to reopen an account.
FB never again.
Mark Zukergerg is watching you.
Thanks for these FB tracking tricks.
Simple ones, yet disgusting.
Mark Zukergerg is watching you.

Well, to be fair, I doubt there is any human oversight. It's probably just stuffed into one of their giant databases until something triggers it... like targeted advertising.

What I don't think most people get is that most of the real nasty stuff occurs in the background where you can't see it. It's not just the stuff you post or your friends list... they track you across websites, on your phone, and so on. Stuff you can't see and would not know they had if you didn't go looking for it.

Most browsers have an option to block "3rd Party Cookies"... and you should turn it on.

3rd Party cookies are those planted by someone else when you visit a website. For example when you visit Amazon, facebook plants a cookie saying "you visited Amazon" and gathers up any others they've dropped on your system... so by visiting Amazon you are telling them you also visited that sexy lesbian biker site... It is amazing just how much info they can gather this way.

Blocking 3rd party cookies kills about 80% of the tracking that goes on.

If you want to know just how much they know, you can download the parts they will admit to by visiting FB Settings and finding the option to download your data ... but stand back when you do... there's bound to be a ton of it.
So FB gathering data is not ok, but NSA gathering data is no problem ? Hmm. Dont know exactly who is the bigger lier here and who has a bigger potencial to misuse this data. And why do you think VPN services get more and more relevant and their usage climbs up ?

Well, in theory, yes, FB is a bigger problem. NSA has a formal oversight mechanism. You could say it doesn't work, but on paper at least a political movement could be elected that would hog tie the NSA. Not the same with FB, no shareholder mechanism, no regulator mechanism that spans the globe. It's already dispersed.
If only half of what Edward Snowden described on his recent book Permanent Record is true, then I think what we imagine might be going on with FB, et al is only the tip of the iceberg.
BTW, no matter your opinion of his actions /motivations - let’s not play hot potato with that subject - he’s a pretty decent writer.
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