Is this similar to a gainclone? Will it work?

Hello all! I'm new to hifi and this is my first post here. I've been build guitar gear for years and came across this amp:

My question is if this would be suitable to use as pair of monoblocks for a home stereo. It looks similar to some of the gainclones, but my knowledge is not enough to really now.

Thanks in advance!
it's missing a few filters and Zobels, but otherwise it's close to meeting a home stereo use.

But, I suggest you only use 8ohm speakers and not 4 to 8 ohm.
Use a heatsink twice as big as National suggest.
Widen the bass bandwidth.
Read quite a few more threads on chipamps, particularly on the two basic versions: inverting and non-inverting and between the PSU types with smoothing at the rectifiers vs with decoupling only and no smoothing.
Download the chip datasheet and the application note from National and read all of them thoroughly and re-read them till it's coming out your ears. And ask if you don't understand before you start ordering parts.
Greg & I both said it will work.
Have a read around and see what is missing and where these components can be added to your PCB.
The input filter components can all be usefully located on the input RCA. Some say they are better there anyway.
That just leaves the Zobel to be added and change the value of the feedback cap.