Is This Safe?

I'm wiring up a power supply for an amp and have a question about wiring the IEC inlet.
The connectors on the back are sized perfectly to fit 0.250 female slip-on connectors. Should I ignore these and solder directly to the spades or would using a female connector be safe? I'm not looking to cut corners, just wondering.


Thanks in advance.
I think it is as safe as soldering, or even much safe (because solder can melt).
I just add that it is better to add additional isolation to those open connectors. I use specilised silicone ones, but anything will be good (heat shrink etc).
Oh, I see it was said yet.
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Just sleeve them with heat shrink after fitting, then all bare metal is hidden. Just make life easier during those slipped with a metal tool when powered up moments.

Or get shrouded connectors in the first place - you can buy the shrouds separately, flexible transparent rubber boots basically. This sort of thing: Flexible PVC Covers For Non-Insulated Terminals | 12 Volt Planet

Basically there should not be exposed mains metal inside a box that can accidentally be touched.