is this an alpine amp?

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jol50 said:
I keep thinking I saw an amp like this with the chrome bubbles like that, but not sure.

Probably a JVC

Why is the brand that important, when it's what's inside that counts?

Curiously, JVC and Alpine, do they share parts like some companies or are they any way related? Some joint companies even make the same device and sell it as different brands. Those two amps shown look nearly identical.

If it's a fake, IMO it's retarded to flaunt a brand. But some ppl are tards and think brand means back in middle school and clothes brands LOL
EWorkshop1708 said:
Why is the brand that important, when it's what's inside that counts?

Other than it being a fake...You would be surpirsed at how much difference a great brand named quality amp makes over some cheapo junk. It does make a difference...I have had amps that easily outperform each other. I would trust a well known named amp like Alpine, Kicker, MTX, JL Audio, etc. way before I'd get something like a Pyramid or off brand. :smash:

Inside the amp...Cheapo amp = Cheaper parts. I would just rather stick with a brand name amp that knows what they are doing and have had a great reputation in the audio buisness.
I love Alpines, ones I have used sounded great. Not the most powerful usually that is their weakness. Often same size old amp will blow out the alpine in power but not sound IMO, but depends on what one if course. A lot of new amps I hate how they distort, they fuzz out and alpines never do that. I can't seem to get/find any discussion on that but is very important to me. I hate the kicker I have now for that. Not a problem if you never max them out I guess, but I don't run huge amps usually due to mounting room so I used them hard on occasion.
The Kicker amps fuzz out on you? I was looking at a Kicker amp to replace the Alpine I got now cause of what I think is the Input Sensitivity issue I have discussed before. The Alpine has a lot of punch too me but not a lot of bass sound. More kick drum punch than bass guitar and I think a lot of that has to do with the input sensitivity. It's not lack of power more than it is the bass from the amp that's my problem.
Most of them were 35xx alpines, they had good bass. I have a V12 mrv to try now and it seems to have same response in testing but not used in a car yet. IMO the new mrp I have tested is not the same, more of a flat response like other common amps that I don't really like....just my .02 out of the car but I've tested more than a few amps on same setup in house to compare. They are made in china also but look all machine made or boards are made elsewhere.

The 700.5 I have was a factory refurb but seems to be fine. It is not a power issue and the sub section is strong. But running it at 4ohms it might have rated power but just fades out. Even with subs off it does at same point, don't like it at all you can't tell when it distorts. The alpine breaks up not fuzzes out, and on a bass/midbass note so you know but it is still playing clean. I think bridged kicker would work fine as you would not run it that hard but I need 4 ch in my setup.

It also loses a pile of power with the car off, then it must be 40w/ch or some lame number. Even my little 3518 that is 35-40rms but running at 2 ohms it is not rated at would work as well. The alpine would cut out on bass hits so it went much louder with the crossover higher, but the kicker dies no matter what and I have same 2v alpine HU and now an alpine EQ, gains are at 1/3 on amp. I don't think eq line drives or not much if it does. Given I had a nak crossover on the alpine amp before so could be a difference there who knows. When I swap amps I will find out. Poor little 3518 ran hot as * at 2 ohms though, I had a fan on it. I've abused that amp for years at a time, does not even have a gain have to use alpine din patch to RCA....wires for speakers too and no crossover. But the newer 3500 series have terminals and controls with the same design inside. Have one but not fixed it yet has high offset for some reason. Just got new caps for it but no time right now. Just bought another alpine v12 not here yet:) Once I test in my car I will have a pile of amps to sell, way too many here waiting for me to try.:rolleyes:
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