Is this a better clock?

I have a DIY CDPro2 Transport purchased from hifidiy dot net. It has been running in my system for 1.5 years. It went through a number of modifications over the span of service on power regulator by changing the LM317 to LT1085 then to DEXA UWB regulators then to adding DEXA UWB regulators for individual parts (oscillator, TL etc.). I can denote improvement on every modification and is totally satisfied with it. Yet, even without any modification, this DIY transport blows away my CEC TL51X transport which is about the same cost. After the latest modification, it even blows away a Wadia 8.

I think it is time to try out the clock. I borrowed a clock from my friend and tried but I cannot get it working. I think I need some time to find out the reason. I also measured the output but the waveform looks alike between the original oscillator and the clock. Is there any way to denote which could be the better alternative?

The original oscillator output


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