Is there a good DIY speaker plan for the size of CLS-215s?

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Hello! I am new to this site, so bear with me, I accidently posted this originally in the Full Range forum!

Is there a DIY speaker design the same size (roughly) as the Cerwin Vega CLS-215 speakers with the same sensitivity or better? Let me explain:

I have built a couple Bill Fitzmaurice speaker designs to include a curved SLA center channel for my home theater as practice however, I own a pair of the older Cerwin Vega CLS-215 speakers. Now, I realize a lot of people tend to bash Cerwin Vega as being loud nasty speakers, and the CLS-215s leave something to be desired BUT! I have never heard a speaker so good for sheer impact in movies. The size of the things are enormous at 16.5 in Wide x 19.0 in Deep x 51.5 in High. They weigh 110 pounds each. I have them out speaker outriggers, which really helped keep the bass from loading the floor of my home theater. They contain two 15" woofers, one 6.5" midrange driver, and one 1" soft dome tweeter with a horn waveguide. I bought the pair on clearance for $800, and now I wish I had bought two more pairs. I drive them with a Pioneer Elite 92TXH, and in my small basement home theater, there is plenty of power.

My question is this: Does anyone know a a DIY project to make speakers of this size for around or under $800/pair? I built my curved SLA center for around $200, and it incorporates nine 4" midrange and eighteen (18) tweeters, with a crossover I designed with the help of Bill and many other helpful people. The drivers were dirt cheap off Parts Express since it was a learning process in speaker building, but driven with an old NAD 2200 PE amp and equalized with the Pioneer Elite MCACC plus, it keeps up just fine.

Speakers I have owned in the past are from PSB, Klipsh (Heresy I), Boston Acoustics, and Paradigm. I had a pair of planar magnetic speakers for my computer from Monsoon. I wish I hadn't sold them as I have never heard highs like that since.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble, but any help or pointers would be appreciated. Mmmm, DIY project incorporating awesome planar magnetic technology with subs :cool:
Parts Express has a resource for you.
A variety of speaker projects which have been submitted by customers can be found here: Speaker Projects Gallery,Speaker Design Goals, Project Materials, Enclosure Assembly, Speaker Project Photos and More, Submitted By Parts Express Customers.
Even if you don't find what you're looking for, they're fun to browse through.

I am familiar with the parts express speaker projects, but no, I have not found any similar designs. I will have to call CV and see if I can indeed buy them straight from the factory. I would hate to buy the XLS-215s unheard and be disappointed. Shipping for 220 lbs of speakers is expensive!
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