is there a gang of subs I can build for my small office

just a guy

2006-05-12 6:59 pm
For best results in an enclosed space, room, use one sub. That will stop the phasing effect of no bass in certain places in the room caused by reflections. Not so noticeable with higher frequencies.

This is pretty much opposite of the prevailing theory of distributed multi subs advocated by quite a few of the top and most reputable names in the business. I'm assuming the OP wants 4 subs specifically so he can take advantage of this distributed multi sub approach. A single sub in a room is usually a mess of peaks and dips in frequency response regardless of the sub's native frequency response curve.
That is correct Just. In my old office I had one sub and it rocked the house but I couldn't hear it. It was a 12x12 room too and 1 sub canceled out in the room but my wife could hear it string in the family room. I don't need to get blown out by organ music, i just want good strong signal into the mid 30s.
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Hi All,

Small Office Subs on a Budget:

Build at least one main Sub and at least 2 more (Smaller Types).

4 Drivers for Subs will dig :eek: a huge hole in your Pocket = $52 if you can afford.



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