is there a cut sheet for the lotus MBVR?

i know there is one for the lotus with the sloping top - but i was going to build the one chr-70 version and was wondering if there was one.

as far as i can see, if i want to have all the plywood grain vertical i will need two sheets of 8x4. i'm sure i will use the wood on another project, but was just checking.
thanks for that. as it happens i already have that version.
as far as i can see, the square top version will not fit on a single sheet of 8x4.

I believe that was my thought as well. I think the problem you run into is the need for the back piece to be the full height and it's just not possible with the given dimensions of the sheet of wood. I think you could cut two pieces and splice them together but that would really be a pain and look hinda hokey.