Is one of these a griplet?

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Referring to the round holes on this Philips PCB, both sides shown.


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As you are probably aware, griplets are used to connect stacked circuit boards together via wires soldered between the griplets.

Some griplets are visible in the attached image. They basically look just like blobs of solder within a metal ring.


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I found the circles on the page of the SM, saw that they are listed under mechanical parts, saw on the schematic that some traces terminate under the circle, but cannot find that symbol's description. Googling the part number did not reveal anything. I'm ready for my next clue!
I can only supply you with more information on griplets!

Griplets (also known as 'vias' or 'through board rivets') are used to connect the ground planes on stacked pc boards together.

A multimeter should confirm continuity between the griplets themselves and to the ground plane as well as the trace side where the griplets connect.
The whole thing is curious. There are jumpers all over the board, yet it's a 2-layer board. So why the jumpers, instead of just traces? Maybe it has no plating in the holes or something?

Anyway, the blobs connect the jumpers to the ground plane. Again, why not use a via directly to the ground plane?
I appreciate the help, but I'm getting lost.
1. Is the ground plane on both sides of the board?
2. If the back side of my board has 3 components, one of which is a SAA7310GP, does it qualify as a double-sided or stacked board?
3. Do need to drill a hole through the blobs and solder the ends of a wire to each side of the board?
No, the ground plane is only on one side (the one with the blobs).
Double-sided just means it has copper on two sides; the location of components is another matter.
There are traces on the other side of the board under the blobs. Drill through them and you'll short those traces out.
@Jeff Thanks.

@poynton I know you had recommended the "griplet mod" in previous threads, but looking back, it seems all of those threads concerned the CD 104, so it may be I can quit worring about them!

@Galu Originally, the 650Hz wobble frequency was so loud I could hear it over the music (I sit close to the machine). I took it apart to replace some caps, and now it won't recognize a disc.:( I'm not throwing in the towel yet, however.
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