Is MDF or plywood better for speaker cabinets?

I think that the idea is to make sure that the resonances are pushed up with adequate bracing. Regardless of what materials you use. You can always double the face (baffle), and other surfaces until satisfaction is achieved..

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We only use MDF for things like spacers (disimilar material) or bases & such. Quality plywood has significant advantages. But actual box design and execution play significant roles too.

I have seen (& have) some very nice solid wood speakers. Not for the builder faint of heart. Stranded/fossilized bamboo plywood is the best sheet material we have used.

Next up would be constrained layer boxes.



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13 ply BB is 18mm. It is avaialble in a range of construction quality. We used lots & lots of it (and 15, 12mm) but switched over when we found the quality of the BB we were getting was getting poorer*, we switched to the Murphy Ply birch plywood which was of a higher quality. A quality Baltic core which they skin with maple veneeres (sp ominal 18mm gets 15 plies).

*(BB can come from Finland, the Baltic States, Russia & China (list in our experience shows a general decrease in quality).

The BB we were getting did not cost a whole lot more than decent MDF.

You spent big bucks on the drivers, don’t skimp on the final box.

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planet10 - Agree with you on the BB quality declining, my favorite (although it has gotten expensive), is State's Appleply. (both States Ind. and Murphy are in my home town)

Another interesting material is PaperStone - in black would look nice as a baffle.

Good materials are easier to work with than the cheaper stuff - flatter, consistent thickness, etc.

MDF is a carcinogen. The dust is very dangerous! Use ply wood everytime.

I can’t stand mdf, I will not use it for DIY due to the dust plus weight plus wear and tear on tools. It’s banned from my house, not even in store-bought furniture, baseboard trim etc. Bloody horrible stuff.