is it this possible, with your help?


I want to make a high spl speaker,

My limits, $100 AU a bass driver, so one driver per speaker, disregard anything else as im only interest in the bass response

80 litre cabinets and an amplifier that gives 120 watts rms per channel

and I want -3db at around 45hz and want the spl to be 115 clean and to be able to be in a simple 2 way crossed over to a piezo

lol is this possible? within my limits? could you direct me to driver capable? if it is?

Thanks Cya


2006-01-07 12:40 pm
procedure to find good driver:

1) find drivers within your price limit via google / online stores.
2) model those drivers in a loudspeaker sim program, to see how they behave.
3) check, if the xmax and power handling are high enough for your desired spl.

this process will help you find the correct driver for your application.

i would try eminence for cost effective speakers.
Unfortunately, I don't think you will get Eminence under $100 over here.

The only drivers I know off that have decent spl and are cheap are that Etone I linked in the other thread, and maybe a couple of the WES "DaiChi" PA drivers.
I don't have retail prices on the WES stuff, but here is the page, without prices

their home page is you would have to email them through the 'contact us' link to get prices.

you may also want to browse Cannon Online
they may have something on special

Sorry I can't help more, but most other high spl drivers are way more than your limit.

Your requirements seem to indicate a speakers of around 95dB/W.

80L is good size cabinet for a vented 12" with decent bass response.

Forgetting about BSC and the 6dB loss it entails, (mild bass boost
will be needed), it does seem reasonable, though IMO a piezo is
not a good idea if you can find a cost effective tweeter e.g. :

The bass end levels depend on driver distortion / excursion capability
and port tuning, to prevent overload you will need a subsonic filter.

A typical 95dB 12" for PA might have Fs = 45Hz, Vas = 3.5 cuft / 100L
and Qts = 0.4. Models well in an 80L box to give -3dB around 50Hz.