Is feedback cap polarized or Not

I see that National's LM3875 PDF shows that Ci, the Feedback Capacitor, a Non- polarized type cap is. The fact that the value is 10uF and that I've seen other schematics with a electrolytic cap there confuses me.

Could I take two 4.7uF and connect the negative poles together to form 9.4uF non-polarized.

PS amp I'll build has a dual supply PSU.


2003-02-17 7:38 pm
in a "signal path" application like this if you cannot use a plastic film the next best best choice is a non-polar Al electrolytic - much lower measurable distortion than any combination of polar electros

the older recomenation of series polar caps w or w/o bias is now known to be inferior to using non-polar Al electro which has full thickness Al Oxide layer on both electrode foils - higher V rating which gives thicker Oxide and lower V stress also lowers distortion