IRS2092 with 300V supply voltage

Hello and greets!

I want to design an amplifier with +-300V supply rail voltage. I need this as a voltage amplifier (ac) and not for audio proposes.

Is there a way to do this with the IRS2092? The shematic shows that it can handle +-100V, so the mosfets and other parts needs to be adjusted.

But which parts? Sure the fets itself, but that can't be all.

I only have experiences with zvs shematics, so please don't blame me:p

When someone have another ideas - you're welcome to sho it to me:wave2:


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I think you need to find a class D generator chip that can drive a generic MOSFET gate driver - there are 600V rated gate-drivers.

However +/-300V for a MOSFET circuit is tricky - the high voltages and dV/dt values(*) can wreak havoc if the protection circuitry isn't upto snuff. Layout gets much more critical, and almost any fault will vaporize MOSFETs - you should wear eye protection with such circuitry for instance.

(*) 10^10 V/s is possible, which will induce significant currents through capacitive coupling
particularly to the gates which may have several amps induced which the driver chip has to counter to prevent gate-source voltage breakdown.