IRS2092 vs tk2050

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I know topics like this exsist already but one topic states that irs2092 amp will be better and other that tk2050 will be better sounding. It's hard to draw some conclusion :p . So my question is what is better sounding amp? Maybe new chip came out and is better than irs, tk etc? I currently have tda7492 (sounds preety good to my ears, I have basic chinese board), irs2092 (sure 2x125w version, sound even better to me). I've ordered recently some tda7498 amps to try and se how they sound. Now I'm wondering if there's any difference in sound between ljm's irs2092 for ex. l15d and sure designed 2x125w that I already have. What I'm wondering also is how tk2050 stacks up with all these amps. Some say tk2050 is better than irs2092 amps and some say that irs2092 amps are better. Again it's hard to draw some real conclusion. What tk2050 board is best? Sure or just some aliexpress ones? I don't need lot of power. 30W/8ohm will be plenty enough for me.

P.S I don't know if it's this particular board or something but I don't like tpa3116 sound. I have tpa3116 based breeze audio amp and it's worse than tda7492 for me. There's not enough low and high end. Sound is not balanced with forward midrange. Even with changed coils.

Thanks for replies
IRS2092 is very sensitive to the impedance of the +/-5V analog supply rails - in the textbook implementation with zeners (internal or external) the impedance of the rails is too high for best SQ. With good regulation it can sound great.

As you only need 30W, why not get a TPA3220 eval board direct from TI?
When both have the power supply optimizations, I'm not sure I could tell them apart. Both are really good. Of course the IRS2092 goes louder as it tolerates a much higher supply. The TPA3220 has the big advantage though that its BTL, meaning it only needs a single supply.
The 2092 can g oway louder but it does need a lot of care of you do your own pcb.
Keep tracks short. Take care with close decoupling of 2092 and mosfets.
Keep gate resistors low around 4R7 with higher gate capacitance mosfets.

I had a strange problem with my 2092 amp. It worked great but on power down it would play a loud siren type noise for a few seconds then one almighty bang through the speaker ! I had to contact IR for help and they said my power supply caps were too big and upsetting power down sequence of 2092.
I had to design a low VCC detector and then hold reset low though an opto coupler.
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