iPod Touch 4G Line Out Dock


2012-06-04 8:02 pm
I have small problem with DIY LOD for iTouch 4G. Pin 2 is GND, 3 right channel, 4 left, 11 connected to 15 and then to 21 with 68k smd resistor. But my 68k resistor measures only 66.8K. I've tried with Touch 2G and 4G, with both my LOD didn't works. I have connector from Qables - http://www.qables.com/shop/images/pdf/ipodpinout.pdf Connections looks good, tested with multimeter. What's wrong? 66.8K is not enough, or maybe i need that 500k resistor from pin 21 to GND?
Ah, i really didn't know where i should place this thread.