iPod custom speaker system.

I'd like to build a "plug and play" speaker system for my wifes I pod. I'm looking for suggestions on a compact system that has decent but not audiophile quality. I've been trying to figure out a way to do one of Mr. King's ML-TQWT's as I've been extremely happy with my set, but the desire for a compact system has made that design difficult. I plan to build my own amplifiers for the system, and a small integrated subwoofer is not out of the question. Any suggestions for 5'' or less drivers and thier minimal space configuration?
The Tangband W3-871S is an option although there is very little response below 100Hz. You may want to consider the Aurasound NS3-193-8A.
http://www.timn8er.com/Aurasound NS3.htm
It's a very pleasant sounding driver although sensitivity is quite low.
An excellent 4.5 inch driver is the WR125S from Creative Sound.
It starts rolling off around 12K but for an Ipod station or PC speaker those extreme highs will probably not be missed. The rest of the spectrum to a low of 60Hz is very nice indeed. It will need a 7 liter ported cabinet.