Involve Audio Sonic Panels

I was curious if they are really using ESL, and they are:
FAQs - Involve Audio
"What are Sonic Panels?

Our Sonic Panels are in fact a new generation of an old but difficult to produce technique of speaker called “electrostatic speakers”. These speakers do no use magnets, boxes, ports or crossovers, they work on an entirely different technique of electrical attraction and repulsion.

The cone diaphragm is replaced with a sheet of Mylar that is as heavy a 6 mm of air. These speakers feature 20 times faster response compared to cone speakers, far lower distortion and a real life like quality to the sound. Additionally they are only 5 mm thick and semi transparent."
I'm currently playing with a pair of the older "440" panels, in an open baffle arrangement with a pair of 8" dynamic drivers per side. I have yet to hook it all up but just playing the panels by themselves, there is most definitely potential there. The current 505 panels are said to be even better.