Invitation to visit - Toronto

Anybody who would like to hear my system is welcome to drop me a note. It is ESL from about 110 Hz up. Sorry to say, I sold my direct high voltage amp (2400 volt B+ direct to the stators) and the Dayton-Wrights are close to stock but with ceramic tweeters omitted. The design has them inside a plastic bag filled with inert welding gas. 300-400 watts per channel lights them pretty well.

The Dennesen tweeters, 4 circular panels per side on an arc, are driven by backwards tube output transformers and a ladder 1200 volt bias supply. Also 300-400 watts per channel.

Woofing done by mixed bass by Klipschorn and giant open baffle (now bolted to the wall).

If any of this interests you or you think it serve as lousy Brand X in your mind, contact me. Runs pretty good most of the time.

Bathurst/St. Clair Ave West
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