2010-09-03 3:31 pm
invention (excellent website)
Raspberry, the adventure begins
Hello to all. I start this year with many projects, including a new electronic adventure thanks to this wonder called Raspberry Pi, a complete computer that costs a few dollars and is the size of a pack of cigarettes. The operating system is Linux and is in a 4Gigabyte SD. Raspberry Pi has no hard disk, use the SD. It has two USB ports, a LAN connection rete, HDMI video output and a composite video output (RCA connector). It also has a stereo audio connector. You need to feed it with 5V via a mini USB connector and draws a current of 700mA. As if all this were not enough, have a common pin connector inputs and outputs typical of microcontrollers (parallel, serial, I2C, etc).
Raspberry, inicia la aventura Inventable



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