Ray Shirey

2013-02-28 5:21 am
Hi, My name is Ray. I'm new to DIY Audio. My main interest is horn speakers. In the audio realm, I've built power amps, pre-amps and equalizers from scratch. (Including building the power transformers for the power amps.) My present stereo system consists of two straight front loaded home made bass horns (Walnut and Cherry wood) , mounted overhead in a high ceiling atrium. Horn section is 97" long with an approx. 2 ft. cubed compression chamber (34 hz to 150 hz) (I can actually hear down to 20 Hz due to room placement). Mid range horns are homemade front loaded round 30" dia. tractrix horns with 5" Galaxy Drivers. (150 to approx 5000 hz) Tweeters are modified round horn lenses from MCM Electronics with compression drivers (also from MCM) (2000 Hz to 20,000 Hz.) I bi-amped the system using 100 watt per channel for the highs and also for the lows. Yea, horns are big, but I've never heard anything that sounds as good. Not that I've heard everything, but others also have agreed with me on this. You don't just listen to the system, you "experience" it. I built a similar outdoor system but use only one center channel bass horn. It is approx 13 ft long with a mouth over twice as large as both my indoor system bass horns. Also sounds great. I'm the only audio buff I know in my area (of ANY speaker type) Any other DIY horn enthusiasts out there? I live in western PA.
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Ray Shirey

2013-02-28 5:21 am
Some pictures of my horn system.


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