Introducing..... The Corinthians !!

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Progress and naming of new fun experiment !!
12 sides tapered quarterwave pipe. !!
Drivers will be Seas T17RE + TB eyeball !

Anyone who knew about the "Conehead" saga will know how long these have been in the making ;-))

A couple more pics !

And obviously some sanding and more filler required around baffle.

Top and base to be added at some stage, hopefully not in the too distant future, but now have to knuckle down to some Uni assignments :-(

I have no idea what sort of finish I will use on these yet, suggestions welcome. A sandstone sort of finish is the obvious one !!

Did you make those by cutting the 12 pces (for each) with just the slight taper? Or was it a bot more trial & error to get them to fit? I can never get my initial cuts to quite do this:-/

It does look as though they're going to be fairly close to 2 metres tall, is the TQWP port at the top or the bottom. You'd probably be getting "ceiling loading" if there's a port up top.

And, how many bracing pieces are you using along it's length - and are they all the same shape? You might get some interesting standing waves in a cabinet of that length.
They are actually only 6ft tall. Each piece was cut with the required taper and angle for a perfect fit. ;-) Having a radial arm saw with a 13ft sawbench does make this much easier

The port will actually be at the bottom front, and the top half of the pipe will be stuffed. Basically the same as the previous tqwt's I have made, which work very nicely.

When I had finished them, (and before cutting for the baffle) I put a hole in the top and attached the ShopVac. They are very solidly put together, and actually loaded up the shopvac making it work quite hard, also allowed me to find any small leaks !

I have yet to decide on the plinth arrangement, but I do have several hole cutouts from 12" and 15" PA speakers, which I can see may be useful for the plinth, and other smaller ones for the top.

We will see what happens as things get built !! :D
Hi there young lad ;-)

Yep, the original method had an inherent weakness because the mdf can split too easily parallel to its surface. "The Corinthians" do not have this weakness.
I could have turned them down to a circular x-section, but they turned out so nice with the 12 distinct sides that I decided they were better that way.

So.. "Conehead" does exist, just in disguise ! :D
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