intriguing engineered wood: "Baubuche"

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This doesn't necessarily belong specifically in "Full Range" but I guess I tend to think of the population in this sub-forum as a bit more adventurously outside the box on some things... so I'm putting it here (and defer to moderators if it truly belongs somewhere else).

I have 0.00'% connection with anyone involved with this product, it just seems like a very interesting product to me for potential use in making speaker enclosures.

I was thinking of photos I have seen where people did their own glue-up of a number of layers of Baltic Birch plywood, cut into thin strips endwise, to make a front baffle that shows a full width of endwise, lengthwise laminations - which I think can look striking and is also probably very strong.

That got my mind wandering to the LVL type materials now used to make engineered joists, and I came across this interesting German product called "Baubuche" made out of laminated beech, with the laminations visible lengthwise at the surface. It's made in various profiles, including as sheet goods, and including a 19mm thickness that has the beech laminates on both exposed surfaces with a spruce core, which is supposed to increase stability.

PDF of a snip from a brochure attached to this message.

Apparently the 19mm product, called "Babuche Panel X" may not yet be regularly distributed in the USA, and is apparently only special order, and it's probably prohibitive to impossible to do a small special order. But it is shown in a brochure hosted on at least one US distributor's website:

It's claimed to be economical enough that in structural uses, to be comparable to softwood-based products:

I'd be interested in others' thoughts of the possible suitability of this for speaker enclosures, and also very interested in whether any of the European participants on the forum have encountered or worked with this product (for speaker enclosures or anything else)


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Lowe's stocked this product in 2018 and part of 2019! They just called it "Beech Board"

They were offered in 1" thickness, 24x24, 24x36, and 24x48. Prices were $25, $38, and $59 per panel, if I remember correctly.

Unfortunately, Lowe's put them on close-out nation wide, as apparently no one was buying them, at the end of 2018. I had been keeping my eye on them, but missed the sale. They sold out very quickly. I only managed to get my hands on two 24x24" panels. I paid only $6 each.

I haven't used them yet. The panels are *extremely* stiff and heavy. I figure they will make really excellent baffles.

Edit: this was the all-beech product. Not the "X" version with a spruce core.
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