Internal wire section?

Nelson Pass

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2001-03-29 12:38 am
There is no particularly special way to wire the sections of an
Aleph - it's just like any other amplifier. There are certain
good procedures like keeping the input system away from the
transformer and good grounding and short wires. You can take
your examples from the many amplifiers already out there.

Also, note that on between my schematics and layout I go to
some lengths to have the wiring representational, so that the
real amplifier physically looks a lot like a schematic. This helps
a lot.

If I recall correctly, the negative power lead was sensitive to placement. Not the positive--just the negative. If you use the cap across the Aleph current source, you can put it anywhere; if you are patient and experiment with the placement of the wire, you can get by without that cap. I first ran across this when I was working with the prototype Mini-A, seeing just how many pieces I could take out.
I don't remember ever having any trouble with the Aleph-X, just the Aleph variants I've messed with.
When in doubt, use the cap. If you have time and are willing to fiddle for a while (and have an oscilloscope), then feel free to leave the cap out.