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I am near completion of my first 2 way speaker project ( Proac 2.5 clone) and need to run a 14 awg from the binding post to the two crossovers.

Do I run 2 wires to each post or one wire from the post and twist and soder two from each - to then run to each crossover. I don't want to screw it up. Appreciate any suggestions.



I have a crossover for a woofer and another crossover for the tweeter. Each crossover has a + and - input, so in my mind, that is 2 plus leads and 2 negative leads coming from the single + and - binding post. Perhaps I have the basics wrong. Please tell me how it should be connected.


I think the reason for the separate crossovers is, in the original ProAcs (purist design), they have two pairs of Binding Posts so you can biamp/ biwire. If you choose not to biamp/biwire, you can use a normal single pair speaker cable and use jumpers to connect the binding posts (on the outside of the cabinet). Make sure the binding posts are spaced in a standard way and then you can use standard jumpers of all kinds of configurations (plates, wires, etc.). Oh and BTW, ProAc uses Rhodium plated binding posts that accommodate spades, bare wire or banana plugs. Not sure if these are the cat's meow (Cal could better determine this) but they are supposed to be conductive and get less tarnish than other choices.

R-Carpenter (as well as quite a few others here) has recently made a pair or two of these and I am going to meet him and listen.

So this answers your question, one wire per binding post but twice as many binding posts.

Good luck!
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KP and Andrew are very correct if you have plans to bi-amp or might sell them to someone who might. If not the extra binding posts may not hold value for you. If you choose dual posts you will still have to either run two wires from your single amp to the binding posts or do a split at the speaker so it may not be necessary. There is little point in having dual binding posts that you are using the jumper on unless there is a plan for a future upgrade to a bi-amp system.

My 2 cents. :)
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.