Internal PCB to Wire Connectors ?

Both AMP and Molex have several ranges in .1" and 3.96 mm pitch that are good. The main problem on a DIY level is the tools, ranging from 1000 kr. and upwards. If you can take the cost, you just have to choose one, and stick to it - Molex is maybe the most widely used ones.
For myself, I work in the trade, and can choose almost what I want for my own use, since we already have the tools at work.
For occational use, one can get by using pliers and careful soldering, but it's fiddly, at best.
Without special tooling, it's only the IDC ribbon cable type, that's fairly easy......not much help, i'm afraid......


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There's Molex in fine pitch. too..
Ampmodu is another alternative.
Wago and the likes are OK for a few wires, particularly power level currents, but I really find them too fiddly when there's a lot of wires - my personal taste, though....

What may be important if you publish circuits for others to build, is to use a pin pitch that's widely available. Then ppl can make their own choice based on availability.