Interfacing external ADC and H-bridge IC to a Virtex5 FPGA


2015-11-20 4:24 am

I am building a closed loop digital class D amplifier system. For this, I am planning to use the FPGA for implementing the digital portion of the system (i.e., digital filter and digital PWM). The rest of the components (ADC and the H-bridge) are discrete ICs. I am new to FPGA stuff.

The ADC's output is of 1bit whose voltage levels are 0 and 1.8V. I want to interface this to the FPGA so that i could do filtering on the ADC output. Could anyone suggest how to interface this 1 bit ADC to a Xilinx Virtex5 FPGA?

Also, I am going to implement the digital pulse width modulator on the FPGA. The PWM output has to be fed to 'TAS5103' H-bridge IC which accepts 0 and 3.3V on PWM_X pins. It must be possible to get 0 and 3.3V PWM output voltage levels on FPGA. But, i am not sure how to do it.

Any help in this regard will make me faster. Thanks a lot :)
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