Interface Profire 2626 Mod please help


2010-10-18 5:40 am
I wont modify my Profire 2626 interface but don't know where to find my ad converter plus in and out put op amps which capacitors do I change for a better sound and what types can I put in it, could I use film capacitors please can someone help. The caps say Suncap 100uf 25v and some 35 volts whats the best I can use I would love to use film caps if possible or the best electro brands. The power supply is on the board by its' self in the top right corner and the master volume is in the bottom right under the green panel. Can anyone tell me what to look for or how tho modify this board for smoothest sound. How do I modify all the input and out put stages for best anolog sound, how do I find all the things that are superior for great sound such as anolog rail and how to decouple it the main volume caps and whats the best op amp for this device, Thanks!!!


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