Interesting article on signal splitter noise


2019-07-25 8:13 am
I recently was engaged in a highly controversial debate, which drives me to dig into a number of new fields. Today I came across an IEEE paper on power splitter noise. This is a paper focused on low noise phase detection device.

DOI: 10.1109/FCS.2016.7546717

In this paper, author showed that in a resistive 2-R power splitter (Fig 2d), thermal noise from the 2 outputs are actually anti-correlated, which means they have different phase.

That said, if you split a power signal with a resistive 2R splitter, you cannot reverse the phase and hope you can cancel out everything. Noise actually stack up.

Despite the experiments were carried out in high frequency domain (distributed element circuit), I still found this really interesting and think it might provides some food for thought. In fact, white noise is uncorrelate to anything either. In a signal splitter, white noise output could also be uncorrelated and cannot be cancelled out in a phase detector.



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