interesting amp

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The circuit diagram is illegible (at least it is in my copy) and the description is in French.

Fortunately I read technical French so I can tell you that the circuit description contains no more detail of what is in the amplifier than does the diagram.

The front panel, however, is gold plated and engraved with your name, if you buy one.

The on/off switch is called the Power Nose.

It's made in Switzerland.

It does, however, have some really nice crescent-moon-shaped metal plates and the box is hewn from a billet. That's a chunk of metal, not a French ticket or letter. BTW, French Letter is an English euphemism for condom, which the French probably call 'un Billet Anglais'.

You probably can't afford one unless you're a Swiss vanker, sorry, banker, but don't grieve over that, just console yourself with the fact that rich vankers somewhere are paying a lot more for their condoms than you are.

Yes, 6moons review. The amp, by the way, costs just over $18k.

Here's what 6moons thinks of the amp: ' NHB 108 is one man's 20-year obsession to build what he considers the ultimate amplifier. Did he succeed? Pretty darn close as we shall see.'

Here's another quote from the same 6moons review:

'Coaxial cable impedance matching is used in applications like radars, microwaves and computers to eliminate loss regardless of cable length.'

So this guy doesn't know squat, electronically speaking, 'cos the above statement is just not true. The longer the cable, the greater the loss, regardless of matching.

Did any one had the opportunity to listen to the amplifier.
just to have any idea comparing to those available on the market,for the price,
it`s very beautiful,in my opinion i put money in sound first,
just my humble opinion,any way i`am a diy cannot afford those ....
The input stages was just simple cascoded amplifier, but the output stages shows that He know how to drive the load, two stage transistors + diodes gap before entering damper also with smooth curve.
Not the best technique(sorry), because there is another better way to do that.
It will have warm bass response like some old solidstate, but only small improvement in clarity. That just what I think from the schematic, because I never listening this amp.
a question for the engineers

Hi all,
just came across those literature about that amplifier,
i`an not an engineer but would like to have opinion of those who knows far more......thanks

Please look at the sim
what should be changed to get right results?
q123456 bc546/556
q78 bd135 136
q9 10 mje 340 350
q11 12 mjl 3281a 1302a
d1 2 1n4148
Vin 1~V


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Sorry, I cannot see what makes this design special or comes anywhere near to warranting an $18k price tag.
Help me out here? What am I missing?.
Maybe it's in the crescent shaped metal plates....but then what are the several patents referring to if not circuitry? AFAIK you can't patent circuits or use of 50 ohm BNCs etc. like this because Vank is inevitably 'prior art'!!:rolleyes:
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