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Interested in 6C41C SE?

Friend of mine recently had constructed a 6C41C SE amp, and he wants to start a group buy of 6C41C kit locally. He said the result was excellent! The doubt of rough-sounding for 6C41C is totally eliminated, and the HF is delicated with transparency.

I think if there's any one interested in, contact me or leave a message in this thread.

As far as I know, the amp is 2 stage.
First stage is Siemens D3a, triode connection, loaded with choke plate.
6C41c is biased by mixure of self-bias and fixed-bias.
Hardwiring. CLC filtering.
The opt are carefully made.

Output power: [email protected] 17Hz to 23KHz +-1dB.
[email protected] +-1dB


The case is designing......Not sure of the material.....


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