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Interest for genuine NOS Harris IRFP9240s, Vgs matched quads and pairs

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This is not a GB yet, but only to gauge interest.

And it would not be organised by the XEN team.
A very kind member of this forum in Canada will most probably be taking over the organising and matching.

In the process of the development of the UDNeSS, we wish to use NOS Harris IRFP9240s as output devices.
UDNeSS, or You don't need Semisouth's

It is well know that the currently available Vishay IRFP9240 has the same Yfs drop-off in the audio band
as the former International Rectifier versions.
See :
https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/pass-labs/281520-official-m2-schematic-45.html#post5194179 (post #2219)

NOS Harris versions are still available at Rochester. MoQ is 74.
So it makes sense to buy 100x.

I wonder if there is sufficient interest for a GB.
Max 2 quads or 4 pairs per person, 20% matching reject (Vgs at 1.25A, room temperarture).
When quads run out, then you get pairs.
(But Vgs match from 100x should have good yield.)
First come first serve.
Same price. No waiting list. Otherwise too complicated.
Profits, if any, goes to charity (e.g. Unicef).

Takers are not limited to UDNeSS builders.
Equally attractive for F4's, or just to stock up while still available.
You should be looking at 5 USD per FET plus PP plus postage (~12 CAD for 200gm, no tracking).
Exact costs we shall know later (delivery to Canada, import tax, ...., etc.)

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I had them before, sold all my stock years ago.
No match for Toshiba's as far as I am concerned.

And the exercise here is to build the UDNeSS using Vishay and then Harris to compare.
The UDNeSS is designed to avoid NOS parts, so this is only an experiment.
The Fairchild will not serve that purpose, for us.

But thanks for the advice,
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I'll be doing the matching and shipping of the mosfets. Since there is some
uncertainty of the final cost, given the vagaries with couriers and brokerage,
I ask that you consider as a reasonable upper bound a cost of $6USD per
piece, plus approx $12 CAD in postal + paypal fees. The total, at the current
exchange rate, should be less than $80CAD for two quads.

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.