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Interest check: Gershman GA-10 10" fiberglass woofers (NEW)

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Hi folks:

I'm new here, and so this is my first ad. While I do not have references here, if you send me a PM, I will be happy to provide references, for example on eBay (104 pos. feedback, zero neg. or neutral feedback).

I'd like to check to see if anyone might be interested in some brand new, (never used) Gershman Acoustics GA-10 10" woofers. They feature exceptionally well-made fiberglass cone and butyl surround. The rears have vented pole piece. I have just briefly tested them
on a McIntosh MC2105 at very light volume, just to make sure they are working properly. Other than that, I believe they are virgin.

These appear to be the same woofers used in the X-Cube model. They also seem to appear in the SW-1 subwoofer except these, unlike the drivers in the SW-1, do not include the stabilization ring. Similar story with the GAP-828, but again, without the stabilization ring.

It appears from reading online reviews that with the right cabinet volume and construction type/quality, these things can sound simply outstanding-natural, uncolored and musical.

I purchased these from someone who purchased them directly from someone at Gershman Acoustics. They were in boxed pairs when I purchased them. I cannot vouch for whether or not that implies they are matched acoustically. Only that I got them in boxes of two.

Please let me know if there is any interest. My apologies to mods and anyone else if interest checks are frowned upon. I'll remove the ad immediately if asked.

I do not know what these are worth, so if indeed anyone is interested, I'm looking to see what people might be willing to pay.

Thanks for looking


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.