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Interconnects for sale

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I have two pairs of these Moray James interconnedts and since I got rid of my preamp, I only need one pair now. I have a 1 meter (3 foot) set and a 1.5 meter (5 foot) set. I will sell either. I would like to get $200 US for the 1M or $275 US for the 1.5M.
As these are custom made locally, I doubt that too many people will know how they perform. I can say that they were the best sounding ones for the money when I bought them six months ago. The one meter ones were $500 CAD new ($310 US) and the 1.5 meter ones were $650 CAD ($400 US)
They are very well made and he cryo treats them also.
As a point of reference, if it helps at all, they are a huge improvement over the ones that come with the CD1. My buddy was going to replace his with these but he doesn't have the cash right now.
Drop me an email if you are interested.
Thanks, Neil.
Is anyone interested in these interconnects? If there is hesitation based on them not being well known, please let me know. I am willing to ship and take them back if you don't like them as I am sure they are well worth the money. They are in as new condition.
I am somewhat negotiable on the price but if the offer is too low I will keep them just incase.
Thanks, Neil.
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Moray shipped me a set of these to trial... very good, but out of my budget. I know that the cyro-treating has many applications. I have had Bill Perkins (that is how i ran into Moray) send me cryo-treated tubes that are outstanding. Various trials have shown significant improvements in poly caps & Bill did a blind set of attenuators for the Hawaiian DACT distribs. They liked the cryo ones best. We have also talked about cryo-treating entire tube amps...

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