Integrating ported box in a sealed or passive radiator box with 2 woofers

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So I have few Polk sda speakers
One set is sda-crs+ that uses woofers with following specs

The other set is sda-2b. (Same speaker but with 12" passive radiator instead of 10" passive on smaller sda-crs+)

Both of these speakers have same drivers, same cross overs..only difference is 2b is twice the size and has 12" passive radiator

Sda-crs+. 10-1/8"D x 20"W x 12-3/4"H
2b. 11-1/2"D x 16-1/2"W x 39-1/2"H

Driver: MW 6503 Driver's model #.
Brand: Polk Driver's brand name.
Fs: 29.8600 Hz (Free air resonance)
Vas: 3.0017 ft^3 (Compliance volume)
Qts: 0.3100 Total Q
Qms: 1.7680 Mechanical Q
Qes: 0.3760 Electrical Q
Sd: 0.0130 M^2 (Piston area)
Xmax: 3.1800 mm (Cone excursion, linear)
Revc: 6.5400 ohms (DC resistance)
Znom: 8.0000 ohms (Nominal impedance)
Pmax: 35.0000 watts maximum rated power

MW 6511 1.405 4.34 N 3.496 E - 3N/M 3.13 Ohms 29hertz

I would like to boost mid-range punch. Don't really care about bass responce.
And found a driver by Polk that seem to be an improvement over mw6511

The driver that I want to use instead of mw6511 is mw6502 with the following specs
MW 6502 1.97 5.16 N 1.47 E - 3N/M 3.52 Ohms 44 Hertz

6502 is used on polks small bookshelves. Monitor 5jr. About
9x 9x 14" and it's a ported design . No passive radiator

From specs it looks like 6502 has stiffer suspension than 6511
And fes is 44hz

I would like to build speaker box of around the size of crs+ and move all components from huge 2b to sda-crs+ box. It will be a little bigger than cda-crs+ to accommodate 12" passive radiator.

My idea is to make a wall with a port between mw6502 and 6503
6502 will be a ported woofer . 6503 will be in same compartment as passive radiator. Basically this way 6502 will have a little extra suspension withing the big box. Both will still work with passive radiator. 6502 via port inside. 6503 directly.

So is this a good design ? 6502 will reside in a box similar to monitor 5jr size(9x9x14)

Also it seems that sda-2b boxes are way too big for the drivers. Is this the case?

I really appreciate. I attached cross overs of sda-2b which is same as sda-crs+
Here are pics and cross over


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To make things simpler)

Will the speakers be faster, more responsive and detailed in 100hz+ range

If I get rid of passive radiator and enclose each woofer in sealed volume that is half of it's compliance volume.

Say mw6503 is in sealed compartment of 1.5 cubic feet
Mw6502 in sealed compartment of .7 cubic feet
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