Integrated amplifier

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I am looking at a design for an integrated amplifier, which delivers about 60-80W per channel. I guess that this question could have been covered elsewhere before so maybe someone could refer me to previous pages.

What would be the best (and cheapest) source for pots in the UK?

All ideas and info appreciated.


Thanks for the reply about the pots. Would you know of a design for an integrated amp, 60/80wpc? I would like to build something where I can get a solid performance. You may know of some sites where I could get the circuits, have you built anything like that yourself in the past?
Hi, here's a good site for ideas on amp projects:
Project 3A or 19 might interest you, there are others. Rod sells circuit boards for these ones, so it's a good way to start.
I also suggest you look through some of the older threads in this forum, there's lots of ideas here. You'll find that many people are at the far end of normal as far as what they like. There are some very esoteric designs here.

Thanks for your contributions as well as those from Grey and Promitheus. My next query is if you were to use different pre/power circuits, would you have one power supply and lower the voltage for the preamp using regulators? If so which ones would you use? I appreciate these may be basic questions, but it would help me immensely.

Many thanks.

Again, it depends: complexity versus potential audio quality. My feeling would be if they're in the same box, use the same supply. But there would likely be an improvement to going to separate supplies (even separate supplies per channel). Whether you could hear the difference, I don't know. It could get out of hand very quickly.
If you are fairly new to this, I'd go for simplicity. You could always wire it such that you could do it either way and upgrade later.
For preamps, I generally put regulators right on each board for flexibility. I also put power supplies in their own enclosure. My current system has 3 boxes: preamp, power amp, and a box that has separate power supplies for the preamp and power amp.
If you use a preamp that needs lower voltages than the amplifier you can go along with regulation with simple Ic regulators (lm78xx,lm79xx,lm317,lm337). It won´t reduce the quality and it´s cheap. But it all depends on what you use. A very economic solution is to use a passiv preamp in front of the amp in the same box, or use a simple preamp with one stage opamp.
Unless you've got a wide mismatch in rails, such as a tube preamp and a solid state amp, you'll be okay with one power supply. If the front end needs a lower rail, you can drop the voltage with resistors or regulators. If it needs a higher rail, you can use a voltage doubler.

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