Integrated amp or tube amp?

Im buying stereo amp and im not sure which one to choose for my Dynaudio 42 speakers.
The amps are:
-NAD C372
-Audio Analogue (something in 630Euros range)
-Unison Research Unico P
Im Using NAD C542 CD player.

Unico and AA are tube amps while NAD is not.Im listening to rock and metal mostly.My speakers have 86dB sens.
Like i said my budget is 630 Euros approx.

What do you suggest?
Like most integrateds the NAD is a surprisingly decent amp saddled with a less than good PreAmp section.
So why buy one?
Well these are often V cheap and reasonably easily found ..used.. and connecting your Source to it via a Stepped Attenuator will give you sounds beyond your expectations.


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2004-06-06 8:31 pm
Georgetown, On
NAD is also saddled with a not so great amplifier section. That's why they are cheap.

Listen to the tube amps and see what you think. There is a different sound. Not worse, just different ( I own both and see virtues in each). If you can find an older Marantz with a brushed aluminum faceplate you will be amazed. 1180DC, 1152DC are good. Some recievers are killer. 2385B comes to mind (185W/CH).

There are many other older sets that are excellent as well. You may need some power with those speakers if you like it loud. These days the average speaker is around 91dB/W.