Insurance for DIY

I have built a few amps which would sell for a lot more than they cost me to make.

My question is: Who should be appraising them for insurance purposes?

How do you people determine worth? Fair market value? Parts and Labour? How much do you figure your labour is worth?

I have one amp which is a great amp, but looks looks so bad the average person probably wouldn't pay more than $10. Therefore, I think it would be necessary for someone who knows about audio electronics to determine it's worth.

Anyways, I'm sure you guys can offer up some ideas...
The problem with homebuilt stuff is that there has to be a market to be able to determine a price for a goods.

I believe you can only get a maximum of what your parts cost in case of a fire or something. You can compare it to just any artist piling up a stock of drawings/paintings, which (if they were sold) could be worth millions.

If someone had bought an amp from you, it would have been different. Then, all by a sudden, the piece has a market value.

What you do as a hobby is usually valued $0 per hour.

Advice... Sell one of your amps to a friend and buy it back. Make sure you get a reciept. That might do, depending on the laws concerning fraud in your country.

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