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Insulated ground armored cable

Looking for someone to share a 250 ft. coil or 1000 ft. reel of MC TUFF insulated ground cable. Lightweight steel armour for EMI. Second green/yellow striped conductor for insulated/technical ground. Preferably 10 gauge, two conductor, with 2 grounds.

Preferrably someone to share in the MD, DC, VA area, to avoid shipping cost of heavy cable, which is about 27 lbs/100'.

For info on this cable, see the link below. Look at item # 1708B42T80 or 1708B60T80.

I'm looking for 75-100 ft of the purchase.
I haven't found cable with TWO grounds at the local hardware store. Normal BX sheath can serve as a ground, but in some localities this might not meet code.

I'm looking to use it as a dedicated branch circuit for my entertainment system, and providing a technical ground line in addition to safety ground. It is not available at HD or Lowes. I haven't checked local electrical supply houses, yet, to see if I can get such an item in 100' coils.