Install a VU meter in Aleph 1.2

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Hi everybody!
I'm building a pair of Nelson Pass, Aleph 1.2.
In these monoamps i planned to install a VU meter, and I'm not that familiar with electronic, so I gonna need some help, (a lot of maybe...), I have seen on this forum a couple of solutions, but they are a bit complicated with very expensive components:(
So i wonder if there maybe could find some other, simply, cheaper solution?

And one more thing, were do I take out signal to VU meter? Is it by the incoming signal input, or by the speaker output?
From your questions, I believe that you are new at this.

I think you should not build these amps. They are big, expensive, and not so simple.

If you can build the amps, the VU circuit will be a piece of cake for you.

If you can afford to build them, the cost of the VU circuit will be trivial.

I suggest that you go to the PassDIY pages and choose something there to build to get started. Something like the Zen IV perhaps. You'll learn a lot, and maybe in the future you'll be able to build something as ambitious as the Aleph 1.2.

That's not the answer that you are looking for, but if you do as I suggest, you might continue in this hobby. Otherwise, you are likely to have a big expensive pile of parts and no electronics hobby. There's nothing wrong with your ambitions (ultimately), but you have to work up to that point.

Best wishes.
Hi Vince!

Thanks for your reply!
Ok. I have a little bit of knowledge in electronics, but not that much as I can construct circuits by my self. But I did a few hours, surfing on the web, and actually find a really interesting homepage: VU Buffer kit page
And not that expensive either! (the other I find could cost aprox $100 each!)
About my choice in 1.2, is that I already have a pairs of Clone Aleph 2 (not built by me, but i did finish them, so they will work properly) and the "2" is little to small for my speaker, and therefor I wanted some more power by Aleph 1.2
And I also have already bought the most material to them, "only" the big caps still missing. (and VU pcb)..
So my goal is clear: Clone Aleph 1.2 it is! -For better or worse!

Best Regards, Michael Andersson
maybe build the amps first and add the meter later.
you have a good idea, but as you build it might fall into place as you learn what is going on in the 1.2
i added stuff to mine as i learned how it all was working together.
not that you are not able to do it. but i blew like 6 output trans a diff pair and caused myself lots of headache untill i took my own advice
Hi Sakellogg!
Yes, as you say, I will build the amps first, and make them run properly. Before I add some other fun "projects".
But, I had to plan, and make room in the chassis for all extra stuff I have in mind.
Of course, it gonna be rather big chassis with lots of space, but I know by experience - the rather big space attend to shrink rapidly fast by the end of the project...
I'm realistic, and for sure gonna run in some problems by the way, but othervice it not be fun to me, to build.

-This is a project I just have to do, and I will do it!
( and I building a preamp P1.7 side by side also :) )

Best Regards, Michael Andersson
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Hi Sakellogg!
Ops! I did'nt mean to get upset on you! My pology! I just meant that i really want something to be proud of, when i'm older, and can look back and think, -I really did it!

About the P1.7, my plan was to have both balanced/unbalanced input, and output, so I can choose freely. And the phonostage/Riaa I already buildt in separat cases with step-up transformers, so I can choose either MM or MC, so they will be separeted from P1.7
Or did I misunderstod you?

Best, Regards: Michael Andersson
no i didnt think you where upset. i was trying to say do it.
and no you didnt misunderstand. that answered my questions nicely, thanks.
im just starting the thinking part on preamps. i would like phono, bal and unbal in/out and 1.7 was on my shortlist to look into, also thinking about tubes too.
are you going stock with your 1.2's? other than a meter later?
The electronics in 1.2 will be like Nelson's, with additional VU-meter and maybe radiocontrolled on/off switch. -So far.. (of course I install slow start circuit too).
To begin with, I leave the bias as original, but when times come...

The cases Nelson's 1.2 have i find a little bit boring to look at (no offence Mr Pass!)
So mine, I think I will try to get them a touch of Pass Labs XA.5 series with heatsinks on the sides only, and a detailed front with the lovely VU-meter visible. (I love the hypnotising needle moving, dancing in front of my eyes) Ehm, Sorry! I almost get carried away..
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