Insomnia and High End Capacitors

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For no reason other than insomnia, I put together a chart about the price of a range of "affordable" high end capacitors. I thought some one else might find this enjoyable, and maybe even useful. The choices were purely arbitrary, but I was focusing on foil caps, and the Duelund CAST I decided were just too ridiculously expensive to note here.


My sources were PartsExpress and PartsConnexion. Of course, if you know where to look some of these can be had at a discount. Some of them ARE at a discount, so I don't think the Duelund RS prices are going to stay this low forever. The Duelund PB Silvers are at a ridiculous discount as well.
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Could you please define what makes a "High End Capacitor", except price and hearsay?

Hi Aurora,

As I said, it was completely arbitrary selection of data points which I thought some would find interesting.

For the sake of this graph, I'll define it as something as expensive or more expensive than a Mundorf Supreme. The question of what "high-end" means in any context is for another discussion I think. :)


The day the socialist revolution comes money, gold and silver will be worthless. Fortunately for me I'm going to be sitting pretty with my cats, my guns and piles of film capacitors I'll trade for food, fuel and more guns.

I pity the rest of you. :)

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when you buy or build anything... use your Head.. Just because it cost more does not mean its better... and some of the things even if they are better are not worth what we have to pay for them...Unless you won the lotto and even then you still have to look at cost...somtimes the cost is not even in dollars.. its in stress.........
ya dont have to climb to the top.. but its nice if you can see the valley. !

I think... if you listened to a 10 dollar cap vs a 459.00 dollar cap.. they only thing I know for sure is you might get a headache after choosing the best sound. the 10 dollar one after you had spend your money on the ones for 459.00.. !!!!!!!
I would not have thought of that.. ... only thing i see is the value of +/- 6 %...

and I think thats good enough. ! and its 370 v?? do hear that ringing??
its every where I

I have altec 19s... horn loaeded speakers... they are + 100 DB eff...
I had measured the horn voltage when it was loud enough to rattle my head...

I had to check the measurement 4 times.... I thought it was wrong...
some loud horn music.... .65 volts !! at the horn.......

The whole speaker when playing room filling music is under 1 watt......

But some of the older klipsc speakers used caps that looked the same...
prob made the same...........
I had worked with a large service company and we serviced Sony tvs... Plasma,,, LCD,,, Led...

I was doing a repair at a Hi end electronics store....

The sales Man was selling some speaker wire for like 10 dollars a foot...
i was looking at this wire..??? hmmmmm ..Dont get me wrong I like nice things...

I was thinking.. whooooo.... i found some really great extension Cords at the goodwill for 1 dollar each and have been using them for 5 years.

I am using it on my Altecs.. and really most of the time i'm running like .2 amps at 2 volts..... maybe I should be carefull.. ( lol ) I dont wana over load.. this is 15 A wire at 125 volts......???

Does different wire sound better?? maybe... but i'm not spending 10 dollars a foot to try
Erik and I were doing some measurements of thin aluminium foils and solid silver and brass plates too, with nearby coils as it goes, but we did find that thicker metal had more effect on induced currents. And high conductance also mattered.

This was a surprise to me. So I am much more open to the idea that thicker foils in capacitors might be a good thing at some measureable level. As it goes I use industrial grade 4.7Uf/ 630V power capacitors, because I have loads. I have some much smaller 250V Solens.

FWIW, a lot of cheap film types have a layer of aluminium so thinly electro-deposited that it is transparent. The downside of high value boutique capacitors is that they are huge, of course.

But, TBH if it's only 3.3uF or 4.7uF, they (630V) are going to be reasonably small. Like these, which are 3.3uF IIRC.


About £5.
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