Infos about 2 old records


2012-04-12 7:51 pm
I recently found 2 old recordings outside.
Diameter is 40cm.
They are labeled:
Part 4 (on the other side part 2)
This transcription is the property of the War Department of the United States Government and use for commercial purposes is prohibited.
The following is scratched onto the disk:
Your radio theater #51 Part Four Time 10:15 55(or SS)-9-18-8 D19-11-44
Other side: Your radio theater #51 Part Two Time 13:20 55(or SS)-9-18-8 D19-11-44

The other record is from "One Night stand".
Some photos:
War Department - Imgur

Do you have infos about them, or ideas where to get infos?
How can I play them, my player is for smaller records only.
They're probably 78rpm discs. There were quite a few recordings like this made for troop entertainment during WWII. Yours appear to be radio shows, a la "The Shadow" or "Fibber McGee and Molly." Many popular musicians of the day recorded V-Discs for the same purpose. You'll have to do some web searching for info, looking for collectors and dealers. They are out there.
I used to work in radio, back in the 1960s. SO transcribed shows came to us on tape, but we still had a few old transcription discs around as show and tell. Those old 16" discs probably played at 33-1/3rpm though.

Transcription disc - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And just google transcriptions disc for a wealth of material.

This was how prerecorded material was distributed back them. My grandfather was a paint salesman and he used to have a couple transcription discs of radio commercials his company offered for local paint stores to advertise with. Cook Paint with the jingle sung by the guy who voiced Jimminy Cricket. Why I remember as if 60 years ago was just yesterday.

It's best for wear and weather
With Cook's there's no complaint
It makes good sense
To buy with confidence
So always buy Cook's Paint.