InFocus SP4805 HDMI HELP!


2008-04-09 8:39 pm
I have a SP4805 and am trying to upgrade everything to HDMI. I have been told and assured by InFocus that the projector is HDCP compatible with a M1 to HDMI adapter. So I have now bought two of these adapters and I cannot get it to work! I have three sources I have been trying: My PS3, My laptop which had an HDMI port, and my cable box. Non of these will work, I have tested them on a friends super fancy HDTV and they all work without having to touch any settings. I mainly want to get the PS3 working for the BluRay player. Any ideas? I am beginning to worry I'm screwed and the only way its going to work is with a new projector. I bought 300+ dollars in monster cables for this and would very much like them not to go to waste.


2016-09-19 7:01 am
Hi, I know this post is quite an old one, anyway - I still have this projector at home. I managed to successfully connect the ScreenPlay 4805 via DVI with use Monospace cable (M1DA at one side, male HDMI at the other).
It works fine with PC (HDMI > DVI) and Panasonic DMP-BDT500. Hope this helps someone...