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Hi all,
I recently ordered a toroidal transformer, 230-2x24 500VA.
I'd like to ask you which values I should expect for interwinding capacitance and leakage inductance of the transformer.
I'm obviously not looking for a precise value, but just an educated guess of what these parameters can be..
The seller claims that the toroid is custom made and he hasn't got these measurements.

The reason I'm asking is that I'm reading this and I'm trying to do the math..

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Well, take a look at this thread:

I had similar questions of late, since I am planning on building a power supply. Please read the whole thread carefully, it is not very big - like 5 pages. It may include tentative information (I don't quite remember that), but it shows you a way of actually controlling everything without knowing anything about specs. Of course, if you have an oscilloscope. Do you?

I think that leakage for toroidal transformers is in the range of microhenries, could be hundreds of them at worse. However, please verify that - it is more of a rough estimate based on what I have read at times. About the capacitance? I measured the capacitance of primary to secondary for a 150VA toroidal (one lug of the capacitance meter connected to one lug of the primary, the other lug connected to one lug of the secondary), and I got 770pF. I measured capacitance across secondary and primary reading! :(