Info on "Jamo Dynamic d2e" speakers required

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Hello everyone,
A couple of months ago i found a pair of these speakers ( Jamo Dynamic d2e ) in a secondhand store by accident and because the price they were asking was only $30 Australia for the pair, I brought them. the boxes seemed better made than the stuff most of the new low market speakers are made out off these days, that if the drivers were stuffed, i would still have a good buy just for the boxes.
It turned out the the woofers were damaged, but the midrange and tweeter will in good condition.

My question is were these speakers any good when released and does anyone know how old they are likely to be. I replaced the woofers with a good budget driver and they now sound fine to me. i Believe that the orginal woofers could be repaired.

I would be grateful for any info you might have.
More Info.
Their 3 way bookshelf speakers with a 6.5inch woofer and they claim to have a 90watts rms rating.

Has anyone on the forum owned these speakers in the past?

Here's a Pic


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They look remarkably similar to the Jamo 'D' series (the 'D'' stood for Dynamic according to the manual) that was available here in the UK in the early to mid 90's.

The first pair of speakers I owned were the D115 as shown here:


Others in the series were D165 and D365.

The 165 looks to be the equivalent of yours, they looked exactly the same bar the different model number. Unfortunately I cannot find a picture for you.

The D365 had a 15" bass driver and was the only one with a horn tweeter - all the others had a paper cone tweeter mounted behind a diffusor. Here's a picture of the D365:


The numbers in the model denoted power handling, so D115 was 115w PMPO etc.

I'm sure you'll find other specs on the net but regarding drivers, you'll probably have to buy some ageing set to replace the damaged ones.
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Oh and BTW they were pretty naff speakers by todays standard, even back then they were below average.

They could certainly pound on the bass but it was slow, coloured and ill-defined bass. The mid and treble were also poor and quite coloured. They also went surprisingly loud too.

I actually bought mine in around 1993 and still had them upto around 1999 before they were given away to a girlfriend. During this time I switched through a few pairs of speakers, everyone was clearly better in every department. All in all they were a first purchase and an ill informed one at that.

You regularly see working examples on ebay going for around £15 for the D115 and around £50 for D365. Usually its young DJ's looking for 'pocket money' speakers.

My advice would be forget them and look elsewhere.
Thanks shinOBIWAN,
At Last a reply and thankyou for the pics and info in your first reponse.
Your Second response about these speakers being below the standard of the day and being even worse today, makes me think i was ripped off paying $30 a pair secondhand.

As I have spent my whole life listening to poor to average music systems that would be classed at the bottom of the HiFi market due to lack of money, these speakers with their unmatched new woofers that were brought because they were the right size, had big magnets, and could handle the power RMS and were all that i could afford, amazingly sound fine to me.
What amazed me the most was that when i compared the the old woofer construction to the new woofers when i got them home, besides having a different magnets, the rest of the speaker looked as if Jamo has sold the design specs to "REsponse" who made the new woofers i am using.
I have been told that "Response" Speakers aren't very good and should be avoided, but their all i can afford and to me they sound fine.
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